Cuckoo Clock

The Duplainville Clock Company

Waukesha, WI


Black Forest Wisconsin

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  Black Forest Wisconsin -

The Black Forest Wisconsin, the Grandest of Grand Cuckoos.

"So much beautiful noise." - Laurel Walker, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On the hour: A choice of triple chimes being Westminster, St. Michael's, or Whittingham chime, followed by a deep baritone 3" cuckoo bird calling to the hour along with the strike chime.

When cuckoo calls, he opens and closes double European doors at each whistle. Following the bird and strike your choice of nearly 70 tunes available from Jobin of Switzerland, pours from again your choice of a 72- or 50-note world class quality music movement. While an 8" 6-member glockenspiel with multi-directional, multi-speed musicians whirl and twirl to the music.

And that's just the hour!

This masterpiece carries 2 3-tune music movements with plays on the quarter, three-quarters, and half hours. All accommodating to animation.

One added feature is the Duplainville Grandfather and Grandmother cuckoos also strike and cuckoo on the half hour.

Shown without available crown. Colors shown: black cherry, a signature Duplainville Clock color.