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Waukesha, WI


Breast Cancer Clock
  2007 Breast Cancer Showhouse Clock -

The Duplainville Clock Company strives to be charitable and promote kindness to all.

We are proud to show you the clock we produced for the 2007 Breast Cancer Showhouse.

Working with Katie Borgen, the room's leading designer, we have designed and built a one of a kind clock that complimented the room and matched it's furnishings.

Thanks to:
• Boehm Madson Lumber that selected the single board that this clock is made from.

• Kaye Engmen who without her art work, this clock could not have been done. • Benz Products, Menomonee Falls. Jake, Stan, and Don laser cut emblems ribbons and beat scale.

• Lyle Husar Design, Brookfield. Engraving.

• Hour Glass and Trim Menomonee Falls, Glass - Jim & Tony

• Clocks Unlimited Wayland Michigan

• Bilco AutoBody Menomonee Falls. Emblem and ribbon enamel and color.

• And to the driving force of my life's cause:
P.K.R. - Precision, Kieninger, and Regulators. Patience, Kindness and Respect. Peggy K. Redman (Lane).

In this world these days, I hear a lot of talk about patience kindness and respect. There is too much work to be done to be wearing cleric's collars, monk's robes, and pretty colored sashes. Those are all to let others know you may be able to give. My idea is to roll up those sleeves in confining garbs and sweat for others.