Cuckoo Clock

The Duplainville Clock Company

Waukesha, WI


Model 6 - Cabin of the Woods Musical Grandfather Cuckoo Clock

  Cabin of the Woods Musical Grandfather Cuckoo Clock -

The world's only real working Grandfather Cuckoo Clock. Over 8 feet tall Featuring a solid 10 1/2" dial, laser cut solid brass Roman numerals, hands, and sweep second hand dial. Available in solid Red Oak, Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Hickory, or Maple and carved to match the species.


A 12 jewel Keininger movement, solid brass weights, and hand made music and animation drives. Triple chime, followed by strike, and baritone cuckoo calls to the hour, then followed by music of your choosing.


This series of 12 clocks (and the not pictured model 7, also a limited series) can be produced in a multitude of combinations including 6 multi-directional, multi-speed dancing figures in wood or porcelain, with music or triple chime with music, some cuckoo, some animation.